20 Nurses for South Germany

CiG is looking for

20+ Registered Nurses

One of our client is a public hospital in the south of Germany with over 3,000 employees.

They’re looking for more than 20 new employees who has at least 2 years’ experience working, such as operating room, ICU, surgery etc.

Must have a bachelor’s degree in nursing or other applicable field, and be a Registered Nurse or RN.

Driver License not required because you can travel by bus.


  • provide patients with anesthesia and related care before, during and after surgeries and procedures
  • put the patient to sleep, or a local anesthetic, which numbs a specific area of the body.
  • prepare the room with the right equipment for during the surgery or procedure and whatever follows.
  • administer the anesthetic to the patient and monitor his or her vitals throughout the procedure.
  • Can follow further instructions and orders
  • Diligent, Trustworthy, Loyalty for the job

Skills and Qualification

  • Humble and pleasant to do the job
  • highly motivated and energised to perform the job, willing to give the best to take care of patient in foreign country.
  • Can act as both a compassionate care-giver and a technical expert
  • organized, detail-oriented and employ excellent critical thinking skills on the spot
  • ability to work and think under pressure


  • Registered Nurse with 8 semester of study BSN
  • German language certificate at least B2 or willing to take a language course to get the certificates
  • Trustful and honest person who can work in a team

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