Psychiatric Nurse wanted

CiG is looking for

Registered Nurse for Psychiatric

One of our client is a public hospital in the mid of Germany with over 700 beds. For the psychiatric department they are looking for registered nurse with at least 2 years experience.




An associate’s degree may be adequate; a bachelor’s or a master’s degree in nursing with a specialty in psychiatric and mental health nursing allows for advancement

Psychiatric nurses must be prepared to work with patients who are uncooperative, disoriented or aggressive. Who brings empathy, patience to her role. 

Include monitoring medication and treatment of patients with mental illnesses, distress, or disabilities; helping patients to dress or bathe.

You will deal with every aspect of the brain and provide inpatient or outpatient services so that the brain can stay balanced in spite of the growing problems.

Possess great understanding towards human emotions and their feelings.


Great interpersonal skills

Interpersonal Communication Skills– comforting the patient is the major thing that you need to do. 

Good Judgment Making Skills– understanding a problem and then resolving it out. Capable of knowing the criticality of the disorder, finding the perfect clue of treating or resolving it.

Strong Observational Skills– capable enough of observing and understanding the problems of people, even without they speak it out.

Offers by the Company

  • Three-year contract with the possibility of renewal
  • 8-9h/day, 40h/week with compensation of overtime
  • health insurance
  • Salary is equal to German local nurses
  • Language Training
  • Helped to find accommodation

If you meet the physical demands of the job, this position fits for you!